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Last update: March 1st, 2016

These reference lists were compiled from selected items. They are non-exhaustive and no intention is made to make them complete. Not all gems are included yet. Many still sitting in the database will be added sometime in the future.

Although compiled with great care, entries with missing information or links gone dead may be encountered. Should you have any suggestions or remarks or if you simply wish to get in contact, please feel free to drop a line. It is highly appreciated!

Commercial Gems

Diamond Diamond - 299 Corundum Corundum - 1278 Emerald Emerald - 415 Beryl Beryl - 64 Chrysoberyl Chrysoberyl - 18 Spinel Spinel - 27 Topaz Topaz - 49 Tourmaline Tourmaline - 67 Garnet Garnet - 411 Quartz Quartz - 89 Peridot Peridot - 41 Zircon Zircon - 21

Collector Gems

Andalusite Andalusite | Chiastolite Apatite Apatite Clinohumite Clinohumite


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