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Last update: February 20th, 2016

Setup of a Wild-Heerbrugg M8 connected to a Canon EOS-1Ds DSLR

This site was set up to show some of the resulting photomicrographs of inclusions and phenomena in gemstones and minerals documented with a Canon EOS-1Ds mounted on a Wild-Heerbrugg M8.

The setup evolved constantly with the latest addition being a rudimentary yet rather effective home-built z-stage to closely monitor focus step increments required for acceptable image stacking.

Photomicrographs on this site are arranged in a thematical way in order to keep an overview. Besides some technical information, references are also provided - not only on photomicrography but also on gemstones, minerals, geology, and chemistry.

Gem Photomicrography Pages

Corundum gallery banner Inclusions in corundum Diamond gallery banner Rough natural & synthetic diamonds Quartz gallery banner Inclusions in quartz & phenomena Peridot gallery banner Inclusions in peridot Amber gallery banner Inclusions in amber

Mineral Photomicrography Pages

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