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First draft: April 19th, 2016 | Last update: April 19th, 2016


We have more photomicrographs of minerals, but they are not available yet as this page is under construction. The photomicrographs posted so far are tests resulting from the recent setup employing the home-built z-stage. This method reveals promising results and it seems likely that many more will be added.


Legend: FoV: Field-of-View; DoF: Total focusing depth; DF: darkfield; Obl: oblique illumination (fiber optics); Pol: polarising filter before objective; Sh: shadowing; TM: transmitted illumination, UVL: long-wave ultra-violet radiation; UVS: short-wave ultra-violet radiation; X-Pol: crossed polarising filters

Agardite, Lavrion, Greece

Agardite, Hilarion Mine, Lavrion, Greece (18x)
FoV 4.25mm DoF 0.77mm Obl Pol

Agardite, Lavrion, Greece

Agardite & cupro-adamite, Hilarion Mine, Lavrion, Greece (18x)
FoV 3.83mm DoF 1.18mm Obl Pol

Agardite, Lavrion, Greece

A jeremejevite crystal from Namibia, Africa displaying very fine terminations (25x)
FoV 2.95mm DoF 1.40mm Obl Pol

Agardite, Lavrion, Greece

Joaquinite, California State Mine, San Benito County, California, USA
FoV 1.47mm DoF 0.57mm Obl Pol


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